Saturday, May 7, 2011

My bowl overfloweth....

I am really enjoying the simplicity of taking a bunch of different food, throwing it in a bowl and mixing it all up (which is really no ground breaking concept, I know). It's just never been my style~until lately.

In the mix:

Veggies {sauteed or roasted~ depending on how busy I am} (some faves: broccoli, sweet potato, zuchinni, red pepper, spinach, asparagus, eggplant) you really could put anything in here obviously.....
Protein (roasted tofu, quinoa, roasted chickpeas (mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm), hummus, guac, nuts, seeds)
Whole Grain (mostly brown rice, couscous, pita bread, naan)
YUM. And SIMPLE. which quite frankly is about all I have time & patience for lately. This really comes in handy for the (MANY) nights I find myself starting to think about dinner around 7:30p.

Even my seasonings (for the most part) have been simple...

Italian: Oregano + Basil + Red Pepper flakes (OR you could use the premade Italian Seasoning)
Mexican~ish: Cumin + Oregano
Indian: Garam masala + Cumin + Turmeric OR Curry Powder + Cumin + Fennel Seed + Paprika + Turmeric
Asian: Sesame Oil + Soy Sauce + Toasted Sesame Seeds

(I eyeball the amount of spices based on the amount of veggies/chickpeas I am cooking)

I mainly use these seasonings for the veggies but they also have come in handy for the roasted chickpeas. Seriously, i'm obsessed with them lately. Oh, and hummus too! Like eating it 3 or 4 days a week sometimes twice a day.

Case in point. 7:30p rolls around. Start to think about dinner as a result of a late lunch with my mama. Started to think about the lunch I had the other day. I enjoyed it so much I was craving it.

What's in my bowl of goodness?

Roasted Veggies (zucchini, asparagus, red pepper & broccoli) + Indian spice blend #1
Roasted Potatoes (from my garden!!) + Indian spice blend #2
Brown Rice
Sunflower Seeds
Baba Ghanoush

So satisfying. So yummy. So healthy. This time last year, I can't say that I was craving vegetables. Or chickpeas. Proof that people CAN change.

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  1. It is so simple to know that any combination of those ingredients can go in the oven on a sheet pan and come out as dinner. People just don't realize how much variation can be made of such simple ingredients. It is low cal and nutrient dense.