Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Yesterday was my Bf's 32nd Birthday! I surprised him with a new paddle for a kayak he'd recently acquired :) He was so excited he packed up and headed out to take a little trip. Said it was awesome...can't wait to try it :)

We like to take each other out for birthday dinners so I surprised him with a trip to one of our faves~Cafe Tu Tu Tango! We don't get to frequent too often because of the 1 hr drive but I was more than happy to make the trek to surprise him :) It's such a fun atmosphere~live band, local artist paintings hang from the walls and there is even a tarot card reader on some nights lol The food is served tapas style (small plates) which I enjoy so we can sample lots of yummy food!

Me & the Birthday Boy

We started off with a decanter of the house sangria (which I am not a huge fan of cold wine but made the sacrifice for the bday boy ;)

Along with delicious hummus

Next came Saganaki (Greek flaming cheese)

OPA! :)

The manager stopped by our table to chat to see how we were enjoying our meal so far and what we were planning on ordering. By the end of our conversation she was offering to send out more hummus & their spinach dip on the house. SCORE!

For our "main dish"
I ordered macadamia crusted mahi skewers

oops almost forgot to take a picture lol

And Phil ordered
Mushrooms Rockefellar

Both were SO delicious. We were so stuffed by the end of the meal but they offer a free birthday dessert of choice from their lovely menu...could never say no!! lol

Isn't their menu adorable?!?

I picked the Chocolate Covered cheesecake bites with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream. Mmmm mmmm mmmm! Must try to make these at home sometime!

This was probably the best birthday celebration by far! Can't wait to go back there soon!!

What has been your best birthday celebration?


  1. That sounds like such a fun place! Live Bands in restaurants are so rare. And I've never seen a Tarot Card reader at a restaurant!

    My best birthday celebration was one year I had a dive-bar pub-crawl with some friends. The night before I had an 'unofficial' party with just 5 or 6 friends at a vegetarian restaurant with an outdoor patio - so relaxing and fun, without any b'day hype!

  2. @Diana @ VeggieNextDoor Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday! Never done a pub crawl before, don't think we have those in my town~although i'm not sure I could do one these days if we did have 'em lol

  3. Macadamia-crusted Mahi skewers. Oh dear God in Heaven. Why have I never encountered this brilliance??!!! I feel utterly cheated.

  4. @MarkI felt the same way. It was like a light bulb went off when I saw it on the menu! Match made in heaven :)

    I will be trying to make this at home more often :)