Monday, June 20, 2011

What a weekend..

I certainly needed it.

My bestie Angie invited me up to her family's house in Gainesville for a weekend getaway and I had a blast.

Let's rewind to Friday, shall we?

*5p~end of the work day.

Not good times. The state of Florida has had 3,427 fires that have burned more than 194,000 acres across the state thus producing a crap ton of smoke. No Bueno.

Despite blankets of smoke, we arrived safely around 9p. Prior to our trip, she had told me about a great restaurant called 'The Top' that served great vegetarian food. And it did not disappoint. But first, can I just share a very interesting photo?

Guess that's how they do it in the country :) I was seriously so excited to see cops on horseback!!

Anywho, back to the 'The Top'. It was love at first bite, err site? :)
Check out the decor!

They even had a photobooth..LOVE :)
Back to the real reason, the food.


Corn nuggets with garlic dip & quite possibly THE best mojito on the planet!


Black bean burger with Seitan bacon, blue cheese & fried onions on a pretzel bun.

The pretzel bun was a serious food revelation for me. I will soon be making this recipe here.


Crack cake. AKA Vegan Coconut Rum Cake

It was a close call between this and their vegan chocolate cake..but I always order chocolate cake so I chose this and I am SO glad I did.

Despite getting home around 1:30a, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed for some kayaking.

Good morning!

Off like a herd of dirty turtles.

Speaking of turtles...

So gorgeous!

A few blistered thumbs & sore arms later, we loaded up the kayaks and headed back to her parents house for her future sis~in~laws baby shower. Side note, I love baby showers :) I've lost track of how many i've been too hehe. Though, no photos :(

After all the shower guests had left, we had a music jam session :) Angie, her dad & brother were on guitar. Ang, her friend Elizabeth and I on vocals. It was my first time as a guest at their music jam and I had such a great time!! I cannot wait to do it again and it really makes me want to pull out my guitar and get to practicing!! Though again, no photos :(

Angie had pre~arranged plans with a friend of hers to go to a country bar. Something I have never done before. I don't listen to country. I don't dance country. But I had an awesome time. I even got out on the floor to dance a few times (I LOVE dancing). I am amazed that so many guys can and want to dance! Oops, no photos again. I stink.

Another late night led to another early morning with a big breakfast. A lack of sleep combined with a full belly is also no bueno so I suggested we take a walk to help ease the food coma. This time I brought the camera :)

Cows 15 ft from her house....I know i'm in the country :)

Say hello to my little friend.

Happy Trees

And finally a piece of history in someone's front lawn

Such a great weekend, but I definitely left feeling like this guy..

Angie's beloved, Roscoe.

Anything stand out for you this weekend?


  1. I am soooo jealous you went to the Top! I went to college in Gainesville and sadly didn't discover that place until just a few months before graduation. I actually wound up having my graduation party there :-) tofu for me, and burgers for everyone else! I'm glad to see that place is still doing well! Have you ever tried Hare Krishna food? I used to get that on campus all the time too :-)

  2. @Diana @ VeggieNextDoor How random that you know of that place!! What a small world lol. I cannot wait to go back and try the tofu next time. They had tempeh buffalo bites that looked pretty tasty too!

    I haven't tried Hare Krishna food...can you recommend somewhere? My friend Angie would be ecstatic!